Obama urged to stop building artificial islands and militarized South China Sea

NEW YORK - At the summit the US - ASEAN at Sunnylands , California , US President Barack Obama has called for a halt accretion , building artificial islands illegally and militarization of the South China Sea .


According to AFP, in a press conference this morning, 17-2 (now VN), Obama said he and the ASEAN leaders had "discussed specific steps to cool tensions over the South China Sea, including stop accretion , building artificial islands and the militarization of the conflict zone. "
Obama said the leaders reaffirmed their commitment to "a regional order where the regulations and international practice, the interests of all countries, big or small, are respected". "The ASEAN speak clearly and consistently will help promote security, opportunity and human dignity" - Obama described.
US president also stressed: "Freedom of navigation must be respected, legitimate trade and can not be impeded. America will continue to operate in any place international law allows, and we support the same rights of all countries ".
Obama pledged the US will continue to support the allied nations and partners in Southeast Asia, strengthening maritime security.
In the joint statement of the summit, the leaders of the US and Southeast Asia reaffirmed the principle of respect for sovereignty, territorial integrity, equality and political independence of any State under international law.
ASEAN urged the US and pledged peaceful settlement of disputes, respect for the legal process and diplomacy, not to use force or threaten to use force, committed to securing peace and stability in the area area, maritime security, including the right to freedom of navigation and aviation in line with the UN Law of the sea Convention (UNCLOS).
Mr. Obama also announced measures to support the economy in Southeast Asia, according to which the US will set up three offices in Jakarta economy (Indonesia), Bangkok (Thailand) and Singapore to promote economic cooperation with the ASEAN organization.

US President insisted the conference is a message to the region that the United States will continue to maintain and strengthen its presence in Asia.
"I believe that despite the new president of the United States who will also continue to build relationships based on the platform we have established, by the support of both parties for the US role in Asia - Pacific is very powerful, "- Obama said.
Joint Statement of the ASEAN-US: cooperation in solving common challenges sea
17-2 morning, Assembly Special Summit of ASEAN - the United States issued a joint statement with the central goal is to promote trade links and provide common stance on the issue of sovereignty over islands dispute with China .
TTO quote posted the full text of the joint statement:
We, the Heads of State / Government of the member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the United States of America met at Sunnylands, California from 15 to 16-2-2016 at a special summit of the leaders.
This is the first time a special summit between the leaders of ASEAN and the United States was held in the United States and also the first summit since the establishment of the ASEAN Community.
The conference marks a landmark year for ASEAN and partner relationship strategies deepened between ASEAN and the United States.
In 2015, ASEAN member countries welcomed the establishment of the ASEAN Community, ASEAN together towards a service of the people of Southeast Asia better.
At the summit in Kuala Lumpur in May 11-2015, we elevate the ASEAN-US relations to a strategic partnership, marking a shift of the relationship the two parties last year.
On the occasion of this special summit, we, the Heads of State / Government of ASEAN member countries and the United States reaffirm the important principles that will guide our cooperation during time to:
1. Respect for the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, equality and political independence of all countries through the maintenance of the principles and purposes of the UN Charter, the ASEAN Charter and international law;
2. To promote the importance of shared prosperity, economic growth and sustainable comprehensive development, and education of the younger generation in order to maintain peace, development and stability in the common interests of the region ;
3. Jointly recognized the importance of adopting policies towards building the dynamic economy, open, competitive and strong links to help economic growth, create jobs, promoting connectivity, innovation and entrepreneurship, support for small and medium enterprises, and narrowing the development gap;
4. We are committed to ensuring opportunities for all our people, through strengthening democracy, good governance and adherence to the provisions of law, the promotion and protection of human rights and liberties copies, encouraging the spirit of tolerance, peaceful, and environmental protection;
5. Respect and support the central role of ASEAN and the ASEAN-led mechanism for regional structure taking shape in Asia-Pacific;
6. To promote a regional order based on international law, including the maintenance and protection of the rights and privileges of all nations;
7. The same commitment to solving disputes through peaceful means, including respect for the diplomatic process and legal, not a threat or use of force, in accordance with the principles widely recognized of international law, including the UN Convention on the Law of the sea 1982 (UNCLOS);
8. The same commitment to maintain peace, security and stability in the region, ensuring the security and safety of navigation, including the right to freedom of navigation and aviation and maritime uses legally other, and maritime commerce unimpeded lawful and as stated in the UN Convention on the Law of the sea 1982 (UNCLOS); and demilitarized and self-restraint in the operation;
9. Along committed to promoting cooperation to address common challenges in the maritime sector;
10. Determined to play a highly prominent role in addressing global issues such as terrorism and extremist neo violence, drug trafficking, human trafficking, illegal fishing, as well as illegal trade in wild animals and illegal logging;
11. The same commitment to address climate change issues and to build a sustainable ASEAN environment and climate, as well as implementing the contribution by each country to define according to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change ;
12. The same commitment to promoting security and stability in the way cyber behavior of responsible nations;
13. Supports building a strong ASEAN Community, stable, cohesive political and economic links with social responsibility towards the people, people-centered, and based on the law;
14. Together is committed to strengthening people's connection through the program with the participation of ASEAN nationals and US citizens, including young people, and encourage opportunities for all people, especially those most vulnerable, to complete the vision of an ASEAN Community;
15. The same commitment to promoting global partnership for sustainable development through the implementation of Agenda 2030 on Sustainable Development and the Programme of Action Addis Ababa, to ensure a sustainable society , fair and inclusive, where nobody was left;
16. The same commitment to promoting coordination at international forums and regions, particularly in the ASEAN mechanism led;
17. Together is committed to continuing the political dialogue at senior level of Heads of State / Government through the Leaders attending the ASEAN Summit - the United States and East Asia Summit, an annual .

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