Oriented development


Becoming a large corporation in Vietnam, taking the lead in the areas of operation that the company is focusing on developing, contributing to the society with material and spiritual values, contributing to national prosperity, gives members the conditions to develop talent and a full and rich life.



  • With employees: "People are the most valuable asset": Dong Thien Phu always cares, listens and facilitates development for each member of the company.
  • For customers: Dong Thien Phu always gives customers the best products and services with the most dedicated and professional service attitude. The success of customers is our success.
  • For society: Create positive business trends and support the sustainable development of society.



The core value system of Dong Thien Phu Group has a great influence on the decisions and actions of the members of the Group:

  • People: Being the property, the strength and the first value that Dong Thien Phu always aims to. Every individual participating in the Group has the opportunity to develop their abilities and enrich themselves. The development of personality, capacity and finance of each person is a measure of the development of Dong Thien Phu Group.
  • Solidarity: The power of success, is an invisible value and a foundation for the development of Dong Thien Phu Group. A strong Dong Thien Phu as today is the result of the association and supplementation between individuals with individual characteristics, between member units with different development strategies and advantages.
  • Creativity: Being a guideline in all activities of Dong Thien Phu Group. Dare to think differently, dare to do other things to find new ways, more effective ways of doing things, contributing to the sustainable development of the company is what we always aim to.

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